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Welcome to the start of an explosive future for you and your business. Welcome to Big Bang for Business.

With this book, you will find out how a simple adjustment in your approach to Marketing and Business Growth can lead to a Big Bang for your Business.

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” – Thomas Edison


It is no coincidence that Edison had the foresight and creativity to invent the electric light bulb. With the same enlightened foresight, you are invited to read this book and use it as a guiding light for your business – and in particular, to help move your business into an exciting and prosperous future.

In this book you will learn:
• How Growth can transform your business
• The true meaning of Marketing
• Why Marketing often appears to fail
• Why planning starts with a hedgehog
• How to use AIDA to improve your selling process
• Why Digital is in your future
• Whether you are a saboteur in your own business
• The 8 Steps to Create Explosive Growth and Success

Challenge your historical views and gain some new insight into how your business could grow with a basic and fundamental adjustment in your approach as a business leader.

So, order the book today and begin your journey to Big Bang for Business!

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• Reactivate your ‘old’ customers – the 17% response rate story
• The answer to the Nine Dots Challenge

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