Video endorsement of the book by a New York Times Top 10 Best Selling Author.

“This book reflects the approach we have taken, perfectly. It is stunning how things just fell into place once we took our marketing much more seriously.”
David Lewis, Chairman and CEO, taggartGALT Consulting Corporation

Neville’s incredibly simple and holistic approach to marketing makes so much sense that this book is a must read for all business owners and executives, regardless of the size and sophistication of their organizations – from sole proprietors to multi-billion dollar enterprises.”
Raymond Aaron, New York Times Best Selling Author 

Big Bang for Business is a great step by step “meat and potatoes” marketing strategy guide for the unmarketer.  Neville’s logical, systematic and metric driven approach to de-mystify marketing is a refreshing departure from the many philosophical books available today.
David Wojcik, Executive Producer, BiZ TV Canada

“I have worked for quickly growing companies as well as ones that are cutting staff and selling businesses. Neville Pokroy has it right; growth is a lot more stimulating, innovative and fun. There is a special alchemy growth produces that you just don’t get when maintaining market share or slimming down. Neville’s book is an interesting read with lots of helpful lessons to marketers, businesspeople and even investors. Give yourself a injection of growth and go read this book.”
Brian Crombie, Chair Mississauga Summit, Principal Crombie Capital Partners

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